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Becoming a Middle School Parent Back to school always makes me take stock of how fast time is passing and my children are growing up.  This year holds particular significance, though.  My first born child is starting middle school.

She is excited and confident.  I can’t help but think her confidence a bit naive.  She doesn’t really know what lies ahead.  I have an idea.  I was once a middle-schooler.  I remember volatile friendships, puberty, and eighth grade girls with vodka in hairspray bottles.   Add harder classes with more homework….my daughter may not be anxious, but her mother is.

I reached out to other parents for their best advice.  Here’s some of what I heard:

Are you the parent of a middle school student?  I’d love to hear your concerns and best advice.  Best wishes for a wonderful school year!

Leslie Moody is the mother of a tween and a preteen. (Yes, there is a significant difference!) By day she helps businesses grow by developing creative digital and broadcast marketing plans. She enjoys coaching her daughters’ cheerleading squads and supporting their many school and extracurricular activities. Follow her on twitter @lwmoody

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