Better TV Programs May Improve Children’s Behavior

Better TV may mean better behavior among children, according to a new study from the Seattle Children’s Research Institute.

The research suggests that changing the channel from violent TV shows to education TV can improve the behavior of preschoolers.

“It’s not just about turning off the television. It’s about changing the channel. What children watch is as important as how much they watch,” said lead author Dr. Dimitri Christakis, a pediatrician and researcher at Seattle Children’s Research Institute.

Researchers said that although the improvement was found to be modest and fades over time, the findings can provide clues on how to help children avoid violent behavior.

“I think it’s fabulous that people are looking on the positive side because no one’s going to stop watching TV, we have to have viable alternatives for kids,” said Dr. Michael Rich, director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital Boston.

How can parents avoid letting the television be their kids’ babysitter? Family therapist Dr. Linda Mintle has more, on CBN Newswatch, Feb. 18.

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