BritMums blogging prompts: Favourite moments and parenting pentathlon

Does anyone else have a post-Olympic hangover today? 16 days of brilliant sporting prowess, gold medals, celebrations and brilliant weather for it all! London did the World proud, I say!

It’s hard to let it all go, though. We’ve all been revelling, cheering, singing along to “God Save the Queen” and ignoring Cbeebies. We thought we’d give you another chance to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics through our blogging prompts this week. Are you ready? After this we’ll all get back to our normal lives…until school starts!

Prompt 1: Favourite Moments

Which part of the Olympics was your FAVOURITE and why? Can you narrow it down to just one? Maybe you need a Top 10? Maybe it wasn’t a specific event or medal ceremony but rather the feeling of national pride that swelled over us all? Share with us!

Prompt 2: Parenting Pentathlon

Yesterday we witnessed the last event of this year’s Olympics, the Modern Pentathlon. It is comprised of 5 events: Fencing, 200m freestyle swim, Show Jumping, a 3km run whilst stopping 3 times to shoot a pistol at a target. Gah! Am I the only one who thought these were rather odd choices? After Googling ‘modern pentathlon’ I discovered why Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics, chose the 5 events he did. Feel free to Google it yourself!

I digress. As I was researching, I wondered what 5 events you might excel at as a parent? Create your own parenting pentathlon I say! Maybe start with an upstairs dash to quiet a crying baby the fastest followed by cleaning up an explosive poo nappy the best. You get the idea…add, subtract, change…create the Parenting Pentathlon for Rio 2016.

As ever, write up your posts, pop back here to link up your post URL and then be a kind blogger by visiting others who have linked up as well. That’s it.

I’m off to tidy up the house and get ready for 2016 in the Parenting Pentathlon…I hope I make the squad! Happy Blogging!

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