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MARQUETTE — Lunch is probably a highlight of a student’s day, but not packing the right lunch can affect your child’s behavior.

You may want to give your child what they want for lunch:  treats. However, not everything, like high sugar drinks and sweets, is good for them.

“Sometimes people send in fruit cups which are full of sugar even though it is fruit; they’re in high fructose corn syrup,” said Mindy Longton, Kindergarten teacher.

“Certainly can have an impact on their behavior, can have an impact on their ability to stay focused, to study, to do school work, and so really that’s the biological way of looking at it,” said Dr. Gregory Jones, Health Psychologist.

So what foods can cause this? Registered Dietitian Monica Nelson says any high fat, high sugar, prepackaged and processed foods. These foods don’t have the vitamins, proteins and nutrients one needs.

“They might not have got the volume they needed. They sure haven’t gotten the vitamins and minerals needed to have that system work. To have the feedback that says, yes, we’re done, we’re full. We’re satisfied and everything is were it’s suppose to go,” said Monica Nelson, Registered Dietician, YMCA Marquette.

This means children get hungry faster which creates changes in their behavior.

“They usually want to run around. They have a hard time focusing. They get really excited. They start to get really loud,” Longton said.

If your child continues eating high fat and sugar products, they can also run the risk of becoming obese.

Health experts suggest it’s best to stick to buying foods in their closest natural state. That means staying away from the packaged products and shopping on the outside of grocery aisles, sticking to fruits and veggies.

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