Capstone News: Sherlock Snacks & His Nutrition Facts

Capstone News: Sherlock Snacks & His Nutrition Facts Sherlock Snacks is a plucky mouse detective. He loves solving mysteries, eating pizza and making friends. He’s managed to combine all three loves in his first adventure, Sherlock Snacks and his Nutrition Facts. Sherlock wants to teach you how to make great meal choices! Help him solve his food dilemma and figure out the villain along the way. Coming soon, you can read along with Sherlock on the iPad for an engaging and educational experience. Can you spot all the clues?

Sherlock’s goal is to make healthy living fun by teaching good habits early on in a kid-friendly manner. He explains how to interpret a nutrition label with pointers for good decision-making Specifically, Sherlock teaches about ingredients, sugar and serving size – three quick and easy concepts that can change a child’s outlook on food for good.

If kids start looking at the label now, they will know more for the future about what is good for them to eat and what isn’t.

By promoting the idea of better choices without cutting out items completely, we hope to make children more health-conscious now and in the future. A small change can make a big difference.

This book is a stepping stone on the road to a healthy lifestyle. A free copy will soon be available for both children and parents.

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