‘Co-Parenting’: Latest Societal Trend Exemplifies Continued Breakdown of Family Structure

“If you’re blessed to meet a soul mate and you just gel and it works and you have children, that’s ideal, no one is disputing that,” Hope told the news outlet. “But what about the rest of us who didn’t meet that person, or not in time?”

Co-parents say they are pleased that the nuclear family is no longer the only accepted societal norm.

“I spent 15 years of humiliation with people turning me down while I was looking for a third co-parent because everyone thought I was weird,” Hope told The Guardian. “But now … I can pretty much have my pick of many, many fabulously qualified men.”

However, despite the rapid rise in co-parenting, many experts maintain that the traditional, nuclear family structure is healthiest for both children and societies. Dr. Robert Fellmeth, executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Institute, told ABC News that commitment between husbands and wives is essential.

“I’m a 19 century romantic in saying that there is an advantage in at least trying to have the relationship between the parent that’s deep and meaningful and goes beyond simply the mutual desire to have a child,” he said. “The child benefits from having two parents who love each other, who are willing to sacrifice for each other.”

Andreas J. Kostenberger, a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, writes in a Family Research Council article that, according to the Bible, “marriage and the family are not human conventions based merely on a temporary consensus and time-honored tradition.”

“Instead,” Kostenberger explains, “Scripture teaches that family was God’s idea and that marriage is a divine, not merely human, institution. The implication of this truth is significant indeed, for this means that humans are not free to renegotiate or redefine marriage and the family in any way they choose but that they are called to preserve and respect what has been divinely instituted.”

“This is in keeping,” Kostenberger continues, “with Jesus’ words, uttered when his contemporaries asked him about the permissibility of divorce: ‘What therefore God has joined together let not man separate’ (Matthew 19:6). For this reason, marriage is far more than a human social contract; it is a divinely instituted covenant.”

Photo: The Guardian

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