Conference Highlight- Healing Though Essential Oils

Conference Highlight- Healing Though Essential Oils A near and dear friend to me Trish Notley has struggled with severe health issues for the past three years!  She is winning the victory and conquering these health issues.  Her journey is a bit like ours in that the doctors had no answers and there was nothing they could do.  So, God also lead her on a journey into natural health.  She has found that one of the things that has helped her in her healing process is essential oils!  Out of her passion for the healing that has come frome these oils Trish has become schooled in how essential oils work and why they work.  She is a distributor of these powerful oils through the Young Living Company.

Through her research Trish has learned that essential oils were used during Biblical times for physical healing, maintaining wellness, mental clarity, spiritual enhancement during worship, emotional cleansing, and in rites of purification from sin. The purpose of this class is to educate and inspire you to realize the infinite care and detail to which our Creator went, to provide what we need to bring healing, and maintain health and vitality in our spirits, souls and bodies.

At 12:30 on Saturday, February 9th Trish will be doing a seminar called Healing Through Essential Oils. Trish’s vision for essential oils and natrual health reaches far beyond this conference.

Trish and her husband, Dan oversee DTN Ministries and are currently working on a project to establish loving homes in Thailand for children who are considered “high risk” for sexual trafficking and those who have been rescued out of sexual human trafficking. Future plans include establishing a Wellness Center in Thailand where the use of therapeutic-grade oil will be incorporated.

I hope all of you that are registered are getting as excited as I am from these posts.  We are going to have so much fun and gain so much wisdom to help our familys prosper in the area of health!

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