Emotions, Feelings and Colors ! Educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten By Tribal Nova

By Christie Dwyer

Overall Impression Just like the other “I Learn With” apps within the series, this app begins as a free app. If you like the sample, parents can make an in-app purchase to get the entire app. Parents have the capability of making multiple profiles and being able to track each individual’s progress as they are playing the app. Tribal Nova provides a parent section to help manage iLearnWith accounts and see a child’s progress throughout all the “I Learn With” apps.

This app is definitely designed for any young learner. There are two separate sections: Emotions and Colors. As children play, their individual progress is tracked and rewards are given to entice the learner to want to play and even learn more. Poko, Bibi, and Minus the dog are the main characters within the app. So positive reinforcement (such as thrown popcorn and a tracker at the top right of the screen,) animated videos, and tracking of progress all are good reasons to check this free sample a try and then decide whether or not to make an IAP for the full app.

Within the Emotions section, children can begin to learn and recognize what scenarios evoke different emotions. The learner can choose one of three different levels. At this point, I suggest the parent help get the learner to start out with level 1, as each level gets progressively more detailed and difficult. The narrator begins by giving verbal directions. All of the scenarios are read aloud and the learner responds to visual cues rather than words. The emotion answer choices are given showing the facial expression. And when the learner taps on a specific face, that specific emotion is spoken aloud. So it is very user-friendly for a young learner as no words need to be read aloud while in the app. As the learner progresses through the levels, more feelings are introduced. The only downfall is the app can move slowly at times as there is a big period of silence between the scenario and the question “How does ____ feel?” So children used to the fast-paced iOS educational games out there may get a little bored with the process.

My preschool-aged daughter had to get used to the slower-paced videos at first. But when she did, I can tell it has already helped her to build some empathy skills as she is understanding why her baby sister can one minute be happy or excited followed by crying and upset within minutes. From observing her play this, I can also see these video scenarios as helping children in the classroom work on social and emotional skills with others also.

The Colors section is originally locked, so this is where the in-app purchase becomes necessary. Children can learn how to color pictures identical to Pogo’s drawings, starting with the black and white version of it. Like in the Emotions section, there are three different levels. Level one uses the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Level two in colors allow you to combine colors (eg. Red and blue creates purple; red and yellow make orange etc.) And then Level three adds on to Level 2 by also adding the color white to make lighter shades of various colors. Going into this app, my preschooler knows her colors and loves to color in a coloring book; however, she hasn’t really experimented with combining colors. So she really enjoyed playing around with different color combinations to see if she could match the colors on Pogo’s drawings. She went through the drawings quickly, so I hope Tribal Nova will add more pictures in future updates.

This app is user-friendly for both children as well as great for parents/teachers to be able to track the progress of multiple users.

Overall Rating: 4

Appy Ratings (Appy’s): Category: Goals: Age Group: Overview Developer Tribal Nova has just added another excellent app to their innovative “I Learn With” series. All of their apps are very well-designed, easy to use, and fun for any preschool/kindergarten aged child. In the app I Learn With Poko: Emotions and Colors, the Emotions part uses a series of videos of short stories to help young children learn about feelings and begin to understand how different events can influence one’s feelings. And then the Colors section is a fun coloring book which allows the user to learn about combining colors together to create new colors!

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