Expectant Daddies’ Behavior During Their baby’s Birth Also Affects Their Kids’ Behavior

Most expectant father’s often faces mental problems while they are waiting in delivery room for their babies.  It has been discovered recently that this problems might be inherited by the baby as they grow up.

When the mother’s are laboring, their mental health at that time affects how a child reacts later on their lives.  At present, new findings suggested that it is not only the mommy’s behavior during pregnancy affects the mental state of the child, but also the father’s mental condition.

Around 32,000 kids from Norway were examined for the study.  The report is considered the largest study conducted on the father’s mental health while their wife was giving birth and how if affect their kids later on their lives.

Researchers discover that kids with daddies who had suffered from depression, psychological distress, and anxiety are also suffering from behavioral and emotional problems when they were three years old.  The said children have a hard time getting along with other children as well as suffering from anxiety and behavioral problems.

The data came from father’s who answered a survey that has a list of question about their mental state at the time of the delivery of the child.

Anne Lise Kvalevaag of Helse Fonna Hospital in Haugesund, Norway, who leads the study, claimed that the information that they got cannot explain how the mental state of the father affects the child.  She thinks that it might be because it was inherited by the child.

James Paulson,​who teaches psychology at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, noted that the study should not worry any father since there are only 3% with the same mental condition produces kids with mental problems. Paulson was not part of the study

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