How To Teach Kids Nutrition? Plant Something – AARP

School gardens have risen in popularity over the last four years, perhaps because first lady  Michelle Obama has made ending childhood obesity her cause. At the same time our national relationship with food has evolved and there’s a movement to bring us closer to the ingredients that end up on our plate. Edible schoolyards like the one I worked in today, are one of many initiatives that aim to do just that. The idea being that learning about food, developing a relationship with it and ultimately realizing how food makes us feel will bring us a step closer to ending an obesity epidemic that rages on.

Inspired by the work Ms. Denise and her bees were doing I asked how folks, in New Orleans or anywhere, could get involved in one near their own homes. Here’s what she told me:

If you don’t have kids or grandkids in a school with a garden, that’s okay. Schools are all about communities, and besides, teaching a child who is not your own all about raspberries might be the yummiest way to volunteer ever.

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