Livingston County WIC offers lesson in nutrition at KidStart

Women, infants and children nurse Carla Cox and intern Amy Malsegna recently visited area classrooms to educate preschoolers about the benefits of proper nutrition.

They taught five lessons during a two-day visit to KidStart in Mount Morris. Children heard a story about trying new foods called “The Two Bite Club.” All the while, an interactive activity was in place where the children were allowed to pick foods from different food groups as they were introduced to add to their shopping cart. This was followed up with the introduction of a healthy recipe that they could make all on their own. In honor of fall harvest, the snack was peanut butter apple pinwheels. The makings for this snack were provided and children were able to put them together with the help of parents and teachers.

Parents were strongly encouraged to come in for the lesson and a few did take part in the activities.

A copy of the recipe, a coloring sheet, and a WIC brochure were sent home with every student so that they could teach their parents what they had learned.

As a result of this successful event, Livingston/Wyoming WIC will come back for follow up lessons throughout the year. The new lessons will include different snack options and will build upon knowledge gained from the first visit.

Eating well with children can have a positive impact on their health in the future. If they are aware of the different food groups and the benefits of each they may be more likely to pick up healthy habits. It is also valuable to include children in the cooking process. Some advantages are:

WIC’s mission is to spread this knowledge to families. The WIC staff are available for nutrition and health counseling, and referrals to other services for eligible pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers of children up to 1 year of age, non breastfeeding mothers of children up to 6 months of age, and children up to 5 years old.

Food checks are available for up to $ 75 a month. If you are eligible, wish to apply, or have any questions contact Livingston/Wyoming County WIC at 243-7530 or visit online at http://www.co.livingston.state.ny.us/doh_wic.htm.

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