Morristown Soup Kitchen Hosts Nutrition Program for 90 Local Kids

The Community Soup Kitchen in Morristown has served a hot meal 365 days a year to as many as 300 people a day and thanks to a $ 30,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation, the Soup Kitchen was able to host a free “Growing Healthy Kids” program on Wednesday. 

Ninety Children of local low-income families were invited to learn about the benefits and importance of nutritious eating through interactive games and activities, according to a press release. Walmart also provided healthy meal and healthy take-away snacks.

“Fresh fruit and vegetables are more expensive than less nutritious food alternatives.  It is almost impossible for low-income families or families on food stamps to get fresh produce. One of the Soup Kitchen’s goals is to get fresh food into the community,” said Terry Connolly, Executive Director of the Community Soup Kitchen.

Disadvantaged preschoolers from Morristown’s Neighborhood House and St. Peter’s Bilingual Camp sampled fresh plums, peppers, and peaches and participated in other fun crafts and activities while learning about making healthy food choices, said the press release.

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