“Nutrition for Kids – Implementation and Importance”

 “Nutrition for Kids – Implementation and Importance”

“Nutrition for Kids – Implement and Importance”

“India” the second most populous country in the world is ranked among top countries fighting with “Malnutrition in Kids”. Two critical reasons responsible for this issue are, “Lack of Knowledge in parents About Balance Diet for Kids”  and “Poverty”. One – third of India’s population lives below poverty line and most of the kids among them suffer from “Malnutrition” . One day while sitting alone I was reading an article about growing “Malnutrition in Kids in India”, Stats show that 44% of kids below 5 yrs of age are underweight an suffering from Malnutrition. That day I asked myself, “What could be the best I can do from my side to educate parents about well balanced and nutritional diet for a child and to come over this challenge?”. To start this project I did a workshop “Nutrition for Kids- Implementation and Importance” at preschool “The Daffodils’ Juniors” a unit of Grand Columbus International School on Saturday 21st Sept’2013.

In the workshop, firstly I introduced the concept of “My Plate” and “Food Pyramid” to the parents to design daily balanced meal for their kid. Secondly,  had one on one discussion with parents to tell them the ways and means to cook and make a child eat the food which he is not eating, like green veggies. Thirdly, discussed about the present food habits of the kids and lastly suggested some instant recipes by combining “food a kid loves to eat” with the “food he doesn’t like to eat” to fulfil his daily nutritional needs. Along with this I also suggested the parents the best of vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and protein rich food for kids, along with their daily quantities and benefits.  Very importantly I gave some quick tips to make one pot meal for the kids that will fulfil his daily need of most essential nutrients. At the end, parent who were worried before, left relaxed and with a smile, knowing how they can provide the best food for their kids.

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