Parenting Tips from Law & Order SVU : Free Range Kids

Yeah, I remember that episode. Now that I know the story behind it, I still think motive-wise it would have been more interesting to kill the fictional mom and not the fictional kid. All those real-life helicopter parents that were so angry about the imagined danger the real-life kid had had to endure certainly had some – eh – interesting ideas that would indeed have landed this fictional mom’s murder case on the SVU’s desk instead of that of Homicide… But maybe killing a somewhat public figure who made and talked about a parenting decision that others consider dangerous would have been too far beyond obvious…

“We’re watching stories about women and children being abducted, raped, tortured sadistically, and murdered in the most heinous ways possible by monstrous men, for our entertainment. And then we become convinced that that’s actually how the world is”

That mental leap is something I just can’t get. Just how small has the difference between fictional crime series and actual news reports become that people can’t tell them apart anymore???? I guess I should be dead scared of the mere thought of ever going to New York City, considering all those series I regularly watch, but the idea of avoiding the place because of some fictional series is actually just very funny to me.

“Of course! Only a gypsy would let their son do this!”

Actually this particular fictional gypsy mom was very concerned about her son. He had to convince her to let him go and even said that he was (one of) the last kid(s) in his class that didn’t already travel to school alone.

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