Quick and Easy Weekday Dinner- with real living food!

Quick and Easy Weekday Dinner- with real living food! In todays fast and furious world many people have a diet of “dead” food.  This is processed foods that lack nutrients and enzymes.  We all know nutrients are important and we know processed foods are not a good source in which to find them.  However, many people do not know that enzymes are also important, because if our food is void of enzymes than our bodies can not break down the food to get the nutritients it needs.  Lack of enzymes can cause a variety  of digestive discomfort as well!  Processed foods kill the enzymes that are naturally in our food, thus a double edge sword is created.  Quick easy meals, that are highly processed with lots of “foreign” ingredients like a  frozen lasagna,  are quick, easy and convient  all you do is pop in the oven and serve 45 minutes later BUT, it is deficient in both nutrients and enzymes as it is no longer a “living” food.

So, what is the SOLUTION?  Finding quick and easy meals that are filled with “living” foods packed with nutrients and enzymes.  Here is a meal I made last week.  I was in the kitchen less than a 1/2 hour and this was the result…

HOW did I do it?  Well, at about 7am when I was making lunches I unwrapped my grass fed roast, tossed it in the crock pot with about 1/2 a jar of pepperchini peppers and then 1c. of water.  I hit 10 hours and let it go!

Then at about 4:30 I put sweet potatoes in the oven (350 degrees) along with a bunch of left over cut cup veggies that needed to be used up so I tossed those on a cookie sheet with some grapeseed oil sprinkled with sea salt and put them right under the potatoes.  At 5:15 I returned to the kitchen and took out the potatoes and veggies, turned the oven to broil. I put coconut oil on gluten free hot dog buns and sprinkled them with garlic sea salt.  Put them under the broiler for a few seconds to toast them up.  In the few moments that it took to cook the buns I tossed kale from Trader Joes in a bowl and mixed in the honey mustard dressing.

I then took out the buns, peeled and cut the potatoes and wahla…dinner is served!

NOW…the bread (processed gluten free) you must understand is NOT living.  It does not have much nutritional value or enzymes.  BUT, the sweet potatoes, kale salad, grass fed roast are all packed full.  My family still love the “FRENCH DIP” aspect of this meal.  I however, opt out of the bread.  My plate is completely alive and looks like this….

Eating living foods is actually very easy once you get use to it.  You will start to get full without the “bulky” feeling of bread!  So, give it a try!  Don’t give up and eventually you will be shocked at how you don’t even desire those things you once craved!



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