Resources for kids with disruptive behavior…Carrie Lupoli

 Resources for kids with disruptive behavior…Carrie Lupoli

C4EC: In addition to your role as a special educator, you’re well known across Southeast Asia as a parenting expert. Are there resources you can share with church staff, volunteers and parents struggling to maintain a positive relationship with a child with disruptive behavior?  

CL: Yes, as I write this I am getting ready for an exciting (albeit nerve wracking!) tour around South East Asia in June.  As a spokesperson on the “The Joy of Learning” for Mattel Fisher Price, I will be speaking to parents in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.  This is my third year speaking and I am humbled and in awe that people want to come and hear what I have to say!  It makes me nervous that people will enjoy the workshops and find it helpful!  One of the BEST resources I almost always recommend to families is called “123 Magic, Effective Discipline for Children Ages 2-12.”  There is a Christian version as well which I love to present to churches.  A practical, simple method for curbing behaviors while developing positive relationship with your children, I have NEVER not seen it work, when parents implement it correctly.  I had been telling parents about the program well before I had children of my own, and of course found success with it when I started with my own girls.  It was only a few years ago that I found the Christian version and I realized why it worked so well.  It is totally biblically based so of course it works!  I have even been personally trained by the author of the program itself and knowing his heart and motivation for developing this makes it even more motivating to share it with other parents.

C4EC: You’ve got a book contract? What will the book be about and when can we expect to see it?  

CL: Someone once said, “I don’t like writing but I like having written.”  Gosh, that is the case for me!  I have found I really have to be in the right mindset to get all the content out!  The books are a series of practical parenting resources that advocate parent’s knowing their children’s milestones from birth through age 5.  I find, when conducting case histories for diagnostic assessments, that parents aren’t often aware of the milestones their children should be achieving up through the 5th year of life.  Many times parents have missed clear signs or indicators and with early intervention, knowing sooner than later is always helpful.  This series of books gives parents the information on what they need to know with ideas of what to do!  I am still in the process of finalizing the content with the hope that we will see it on shelves in early 2014.

C4EC: We’re delighted to have you as part of our team at Key Ministry…the staff has raved about you! Any thoughts as to how God may be nudging you to use your gifts and talents to advance the cause of the ministry…and the Kingdom?  

CL: I find it incredible that God has led me, to all places, Chagrin Falls!  I knew about Key Ministry through my church in Singapore and when I realized it was based in the same town that I would be moving to, I knew that was God’s way of telling me, “I have you right where I want you.”  Our settling in process to this new life here in Ohio has been a bit of a challenge but now that we are settled in and comfortable, I am excited to see what God has in store for me next!  I know that the experiences I have had very closely parallel the mission of Key Ministry so I pray that God will direct me specifically into the areas of which he wants me to serve.  Can’t wait!


Key Ministry’s mission is to help churches reach families affected by disability by providing FREE resources to pastors, volunteers, and individuals who wish to create an inclusive ministry environment. We have designed our Key Catalog to create fun opportunities for our ministry supporters to join in our mission through supporting a variety of gift options. Click here to check it out! For a sixty second summary of what Key Ministry does, watch the video below…

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