Should Moms’ Caffeine Intake Be Linked With Kids’ Behavior Problems?

Researchers say it’s extremely wrong to blame mother’s caffeine intake during pregnancy to be the cause of seeing hyperactivity in their kids. Yes, the new research from the experts is suggesting that there is no effect of the caffeine intake of a mother during pregnancy upon the kids showing hyperactive behaviors.

Above are the findings of the research that had been carried out by a team of researchers over 3,400+ kids all aging between five-six years. The findings that were reported in the journal Pediatrics showed that researchers have found no evidence to link the children’s behavioral problems to their mothers’ caffeine intake during pregnancy.

They explained that symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention or such similar health conditions have not been noticed in kids, whose moms had drank even three cups, or 24 ounces, of coffee a day during their pregnancy.

But yes, further tests are still running to enlighten the issue till then caffeine is not completely in the clear, says Ms. Eva M Loomans, of Tilburg University in the Netherlands, who led the study.

She said that the researcher’s team has not studied any other developmental issues besides behavior, so research is still on and few studies will be again performed to check whether caffeine during pregnancy affects children’s behavior later or any other developmental changes in them or not.

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