Strategies to help your kids gain strong moral character

8302 171228 3 Strategies to help your kids gain strong moral character

Commit to Raising A Moral Child
If you are dedicated in teaching your kids to live morally, you are most likely to succeed, according to research. Make it a personal commitment to raise a moral child, and then don’t stop until he does.

Be a Strong Moral Example
If you want your child to be morally strong, you should be one yourself. Try to make your life a living example of good moral behavior for your child to see and copy.

Know Your Beliefs & Share Them
Before you can teach your kid to behave in a certain way, you have to have clear beliefs that you would want to share with your child. For instance, if you believe in honesty, share this with your child and show example by being honest yourself.

Use Teachable Moments
The best teaching moments aren’t ones that are planned-they happen unexpectedly. While yu are watching the news or shopping in the supermarket, you can find examples to teach your kids about certain moral lessons you want to impart on them.

Use Discipline as a Moral Lesson
Effective discipline should ensure that the child not only recognizes why her behavior was wrong but also knows what to do to make it right next time. So help your child always reflect on the consequences of his actions.

Expect Moral Behavior
Kids who act morally have parents who expect them to do so. It sets a standard for your child’s behavior and also lets her know in no uncertain terms what you value.

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