Vaccinations- The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child- Get Educated!

Vaccinations- The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child- Get Educated! People think that because I am a supporter of natural health choices vs. traditional western medicine that I automatically think that everyone should NOT vaccinate.  Well, that is not my stand on the issue.  Many people ask me about vaccinations.  Should I vaccinate my child?  Shouldn’t I vaccinate my child?   The key words here are “MY CHILD“, that is correct!  How I stand on the issue is that it is your child, your child’s health,  and only YOU can make that decision, no one can do it for you.  You MUST become educated in vaccinations on both sides and then make an EDUCATED decision that is best for your family!

I do have my own personal opinion.  I have my own stories about vaccinations.  I have done my research and listened to many doctors on both sides of the issue,  AND my husband and I have made a plan that works for our family!  It is based on personal experience and knowledge.

Do not blindly vaccinate your child because you have “heard” its the best thing to do, you should know why you do it, any possible effects of the vaccinations as well as every ingredient being put in your child!  On the flip side….if you are not or do not vaccinate them you should know why you don’t and is it really safe for you and the rest of the world if you do not!  You must be educated on this issue regarding your child’s health.  It is critical!  

Next Saturday you have the opportunity to hear my favorite speaker on the topic of vaccinations.  The reason he is my favorite is because he will not tell you what to do!  He honors the fact that  you are the parent with a brain and gives you facts from the CDC about vaccinations so you will become educated about vaccinations empowering you to  make the BEST CHOICE for your child!

If you vaccinate, why do you?  Can you scientifically prove why you do?  Do you choose not to vaccinate, why don’t you?  Can you scientifically prove why you don’t?  If your answer is I don’t know, then you must join us next Saturday and start learning about vaccinations, it is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your child.

Dr. Aaron Morland will be teaching on vaccinations, a must!   Dr. Suzy Youngquist will be talking about KIDS: focusing on ADHD, ADD and EBD issues being addressed through alternative natural  medicine. I will be sharing our story, my stand on vaccinations for OUR FAMILY, and share how we addressed behavior issues like ADHD, ADD, and EBD through diet, supplementation, and natural health!  This is a great event, and if you are a follower of Kingdom Kids Nutrition you can attend this event complete with lunch of only $ 19 (a $ 10 savings)!  Register Today  (Click on Mom’s Nutrition Network to get the group registration discount!)

I hope to see each and everyone of you there!  I have heard Dr. Aaron many times talk on this topic, he speaks at our conference!  But it has been a few years since I have heard him and I am SUPER excited to have the opportunity to hear him again and refresh my memory.  It is so much information that I love to hear it over and over I always learn new things I missed prior!  See ya there.


Blessings, Kelli

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