Willie Geist gives Kim Kardashian parenting advice

tdy 130329 geist leno 01.photoblog600 Willie Geist gives Kim Kardashian parenting advice

Geist urged Kardashian to get Kanye’s stance on the Baby Bjorn. Kardashian joked that the fashion-conscious Kanye may opt for a black leather version.

“Kanye is going to have to decide early whether or not he’s a Baby Bjorn guy because the minute you put on that Baby Bjorn, there’s no turning back,’’ Willie told Kim. “It’s like buying a minivan. You lose a little piece of yourself when you get that Baby Bjorn.”

He also gave Kardashian advice on what to do if one of her children is completely naked in the middle of the night and holding a bag of chicken nuggets, like George was recently as Geist prepared for work.

“When you have little kids and you’re parading around the house at that hour, you try to tiptoe around as much as you can, but sometimes you make a little noise and sometimes there’s a strange, often naked 3-year-old in your house,’’ Geist said. “I said, ‘What are you doing?’ (He said) ‘I’m a naked guy.’ I put him back to bed with the nuggets. I’m not sure what happened after that.’’

The smooch happened during a Valentine’s Day segment about lip balms, one peach and one cream, that combine when lips lock.

“I wasn’t going to kiss this strange woman who was showing the segment, so I decided to kiss Al,’’ Geist said.

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