The SCM unit in Christ Church CSI – Eluru organized an Annual unit inaugural cum workshop on 26th August 2012. The workshop was on the case study of the girl who committed suicide recently. Mr. Bharat Kumar, Programme Secretary inaugurated this academic year programme by lighting a lamp; and Ord. Suresh, Associate Pastor of Christ Church offered a word of prayer. Ms. Snigdha and Ms.Sailaja prepared the case study along with few questions to help the students to think critically and participate creatively in the total life of the university and church activities. The participants were divided into three groups to submit their findings on a case study. Following is the case study:

“Vimala, age 18 from poor family joined in Engineering college after finishing her Intermediate. As per govt. Rules she had to submit her fee reimbursement application through online (internet); since she was poor in computer knowledge, took help of an operator in cyber café to submit her application. After few months she had been pressurized by college management to pay her fee as her name was not there in the short list. After long enquiry she came to know that her application was not submitted properly. Because of her family condition and pressure from management she committed suicide.”

Q 1. What step would you take, rather than suicide, if you are in that position?

Q 2. How should church respond towards such people living in that condition?

Q 3. As a social being what is your responsibility?

Q 4. How can we help them to utilizing their rights to get benefits from government?

Answers from the groups were-

At the end of the programme, there was an orientation about the “Time for Creation” as the theme is “Sustainable energy for all”.

What Next?

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