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Several years of feelings, be so vanquished bymbt shoes outlet money and power and influence.You can imagine the then of I am what disappointment and grieved.”The summer light song finishes saying these, is already tears cover the face, not difficult see, are so past for several years, she still can not release a bosom to this matter.Xiao cloud sighed tone, have to say, the summer light song says of, is the love tragedy that is out and out a .Summer light song want a to vomit for quick, immediately after say:”I right away declare that even if such, I also in no case and light breeze Lee betroth, if the household doesn’t? want to do so, I escape from the house in summer, from now on don’t step into one step in the house in summer again, and summer house then without the creeping vine!No one thoughts of always gentle of I will make one decision like this, almost all people’s all silly eye.The summer house has never appeared this circumstance as well for more than 100 years, if I really and so did, the face of summer house will suffer serious stroke.This is the household to bear of heavy.End, under effort of my persistence and the father, that betrothal was canceled.But I know, if I continue to stay in the house in summer, even if once hid this, still had same affair occurrence next time.To his extreme disappoint and let to the extreme exasperation of household my decision must earn one’s own living!Be free from the fetters of household again.Can son, you can understand now I why want to put a so good family condition need not, but must choose that the individual worked hard?”Tang can the heart ordered to nod, lightly”H’m”1.She always has never thought as well the body that have been looking after light song of their summers like elder sister ascends to unexpectedly still carry on the back so sad of past.The summer light song continues to say:”I am from the pimping time expressed to uncommonly sing natural endowments, was born at the house of Ta-f, was subjected to good education since the childhood, so, got good training.The mother once played a joke on me to say, if I was a singer, can definitely widely popular whole country.At that time, carefree of I sang to let him listen to just at that time, I thought that the words that my song couldn’t be heard by too many people forever, thought a mother couldn’t become really forever, but had never thoughted the mother’s words unexpectedly a language Chen.His betrayal makes me discover, he didn’t entitle to a song that person enjoys me.I want to make all people like my song.Then, I established this company.Because I am the person of summer house, in the elder of home’s eyes, the eminent family is from of my coming out to sell to sing is an affair that throws a person very much, so I came out the affair singing to encounter the objection of the most people.The snuffing out of the by all manners of person in the home attempts to make me return to, the company established to fall into a crisis in a little while, helpless under, I find out uncle Tang look for a help there and hanged company to lean on under the Yue group in sky, this just walk to today.Because after company establishes, I sing, always don’t act in a play as well, don’t open a singing performance, so though have a cry against, also encountered to snuff out,had the father’s support at household inner part so much, there is uncle Tang’s support in the exterior, so can also cope with.But, again lead soon, is my 23-year-old birthday, have already been pushed by the father and the marriage pushing be again lifted out by the elders of household, and threat say must at I 23-year-old birthday before and light breeze Lee betroth, if father again oppose of words, will unite an of avoiding father’s parent.These in the last years, luckily then the father can walk till now, I not think then trouble father, also not think matrimony, can open a singing performance!Keeping by tradition by so doing is famous of Li Jia by all means can’t let a singer be their daughter-in-law and betroth of matter also can now forget about it, this be I why must persist open the reason of singing performance.But unexpectedly light breeze Lee will seek to come and say that the singing performance that employ all available means to let me opens not to become, this was the reason of the whole affair.”See to an affair difficult to do!Xiao cloud is still dark to sigh, have never thought the back of this matter to unexpectedly have turns and twists like this.

PS:Reveal for a while, since this chapter, the pork knuckle will take matchless and coquettish itinerary,mbt vizuri gtx everyone uses a ticket and collects to go for he strengthening!!Chapter 202 I ……lovely?Xiao cloud way:”Now that so, is also say, the reason you want to hold a singing performance, not is that make money, sole object be for opposing is the home for forcing your marriage?”The summer light song point nods, ” can also say so, I can not accept this kind of be arranged by the other people of destiny!”Xiao cloud way:”But if really be like you say of so, the summer house and Li Jia has so big influence, while they all oppose again of words, you of singing performance’s doing doesn’t become of the possibility is biggest!”Tang can the heart put blame on of saw Xiao cloud one eye, how can this kind of time talk so?Summer light song wry smile way:”I ever don’t know this, I am just unwilling!Unwilling my destiny will be ordered about by them.Everything done by me is only the to the utmost biggest effort change my destiny is just!”Xiao cloud asks a way:”Is also say, you to you can succeed don’t also have confidence?””Have no!”Summer light song the truth actually says.The viewpoint that secretly saw a summer light song discovers that what she said is true.This did so much, Xiao cloud loosenned tone, now that you didn’t have confidence, so, holding of singing performance also not is have to of.”Do not deceive you to say in fact, I and can the son come today and also advise you don’t want to hold a singing performance!”Xiao cloud once the sudden words breeze turn and say.Summer light song Dai the eyebrow is one Cu, look at Xiao cloud to upsetly say:”Have they ever sought you as well?”Xiao cloud way:”That arrives be not.We because another reason just advise yours.”Say, then guard a pass at the green Hong two partieses at alongside the sea gather of the affair said 1 time.The summer light song sighs a way:”This matter, the alongside the sea authorities has already said to me.The just pure secretary even once beat for me to conduct electricity words and tactfully put forward this this matter, but ……I am a there can be no returnning back, have to deliver!”Xiao cloud heart way no wonder that is just pure so have a headache, this circumstance next summer the light song will promise just strange.Smiled to smile, way:”I have a words, want to listen to?””You say!”Xiao cloud way:”Now that you didn’t have confidence by yourself, summer house and Li Jia and then is opposing strongly, city hall also nonsupport, why not and now lend the donkey in ascent, simply cancel this don’t have confidence and crisis layer after layer singing performance!Look for a way that even has confidence.As long as canning attain a purpose, the singing performance has to not open, either, be not?”Summer light song wry smile way:”Talk what easy?I have already all use five years to had no to let the home change idea, opening the singing performance is the only way that I can figure out!It is also the only viable way.”Xiao cloud says with smile:”Do not necessarily is an unique!If did Li Jia or your house cancel engagement to marry for you on your own initiative?”Summer light song way with unimaginable look:”How may?””How have no a possibility?”Summer light song way:”I and light breeze Lee’s engagement to marry, although the external world doesn’t know, but summer Li Liang Jia’s elders all have already formed a consensus, Li Jia even has already recognized tacitly I am their daughter-in-law, and two have already settled bottom the 23-year-old birthday hold a large betrothal rites that day at me, then declare that I from now on withdraw a circle of singers, in this case, how do they probably cancel on their own initiative?””

Do not try how can anyone know?”Summer light song wry smile way:”Need not try me to also know!”mbt voi Xiao cloud way:”So!We settle agreement, if I can attain a purpose for you, you cancel a singing performance, so can?”The summer light song saw Xiao cloud one eye very shockedly:”You can’t be earnest?”Xiao cloud is profound to unfathomablely smile for a while, asked a way:”Is your house in the sheep city?””H’m!”The summer light song point nods.Xiao cloud way:”So, you and I, we are two, arrive sheep city to make a trip!Tomorrow leave!””What do we go to sheep city and do?”Summer light song a surprised, she avoids it to only and perhaps cannot compare with to that place now, how be on one’s own initiative willing to return to under this circumstance?Xiao cloud way:”Certainly is the engagement to marry that thinks a way to make your family cancel you!”The summer light song got a fright, ” do you know where sheep city is?That is Li Jia and our house’s headquarter!At alongside the sea do they all have the strongest activity ability, besides is a sheep city?You gave offense to light breeze Lee, he now definitely hate you deeply, at alongside the sea he can not also chase you how, can if went to the words of sheep city ……”Xiao cloud way:”Be arranged good destiny for the sake of the change, even if is a place of extreme danger, again no harm rush it a rush!Besides is a sheep city?Now regardless black and white two circumstances are very disadvantageous to you, if sit on the sideline you to open a singing performance but in spite of of words, doing not know will take place what matter!The man’s existence is not for protecting a woman?Ha ha, besides, I ain’t yours’married man’?Naturally want to protect you be not rent away by the other people!”Although the last words is some ambiguity,the last words still keep making a burst of fan of light song in the mind of summer inebriate, this man , whiled saying this kind of words, is really a handsome pole!Only Tang can heart, took a look Xiao cloud, and then took a look light song of summer, the in the mind rises a different felling-he with her, are they 2, want to the sheep city?Get along with alone?Affair ……seem to become some oddness!……”H’m, you go to, attention safety good!Need not be worried about me!”The dream bamboo smiles saying of Ying Ying.”Dream bamboo, you have no another of what want to say to me?”Xiao cloud touched touch a nose.Kill him to also unexpectedly hear he after wanting to go to sheep city with summer light song, the dream bamboo will be this kind of reaction.”Is another?Do you want to listen to what?””For example say ……warn me the honesty to order son, forbid the wild blow other people’s idea, or protect good chastity, don’t be sexually harassed what of!You don’t worry ……”the dream bamboo smile all of a sudden of keep not to rise a waist, because the wound didn’t°yet be completely good and smile too to work harder under, the wounds are all a bit painful, but still keep cannoting help but, have to part Wu write the chest simultaneously smile.”What do you smile?”See not and deeply her viewpoint, Xiao cloud asks a way very depressedly.Is “elder brother Yun …… I first know …… you unexpectedly return …… so lovely …… ha ha ……” lovely?!Xiao cloud has to and touches touch a nose and first hear that this phrase can also use on oneself.However, words said this wench to know that the elder brother wants to go out with big star together, how didn’t feel jealous as well?

Had no a face too much, those big beauty that are the people of the whole countries to all like!You must mean to don’t mbt wingu give up for a while at least, or very sour of come to satisfy my vanity?Was very not easy to endure to smile, the dream bamboo gathered together the body to the bosom of Xiao cloud, saying of cajolery:”Elder brother Yun, if do you want to beat a summer light Ms. Ge’s idea, so had better, you at last had the other people’s cheapness.If is light summer Ms. Ge to want to beat your idea, so better, explain that my elder brother Yun has enough magic power, it can let big star all the hurl bosom send to embrace.So no matter you beat her idea, still she beats your idea, we didn’t lose what, didn’t relate to!Since didn’t relate to, why do I want to worry?””……” Chapter 203 this is your wild man?The sheep city is mostly the south of China will, have been being all billionaire to swarm about of ground.It is saied that there are 1/3 of hundred million billionaires in domestic all is in this city.Although it is said have never really proven this, but also been good enough to explain with the factual proof this city of rich and populous.But in the sheep city among all billionaires, most well-knownly and nothing is better than at Lee, the summer, Huo and white are four greatest households.This”summer”s in it is “summer” of light summer song!The summer light song returns to the news of sheep city in advance and didn’t reveal to anyone, even all of airplanes are the business cabins for sitting.Certainly, she did enough disguise time to just dare to do so.”Do they give you the betrothal rites of the arrangement to hold when?”Xiao cloud depends on the very soft seat to ask a way.The airplane still has then more than a hour to land in the sheep city, all the way nothing important matter, he needs to understand a circumstance first.Alongside the sea aspect, have already arranged appropriate.Tang can heart that direction from go without saying, Tang Jun arranges at secretly of bodyguard it may be said is in 3 F outside the 3 F.The dream bamboo wound didn’t°yet is good and still lives in garden in California now, guard’s strength is also very violent.Face before going, and then beat hello with Liu Shi Yun, she at this extraordinary period control her own person, promise not to have an accident.As for say to hold what the matter of dream bamboo still keep being checking, now didn’t°yet as a result, however had before the last time the Jian of car, in no case will appear that again as well circumstance.So the rear is it may be said very firm now.Thus, he just can trust of accompany light song of summer to sheep city.” At I the 23-year-old birthday is that day.”Summer light song way.”Still have how long?””Eight day!””Eight day?”Xiao cloud way:”Is general to come to speak, be like you the big star like this wants to hold a singing performance at least to carry on publicity a month in advance.Can up to now, this matters all only some internal personages know what happened, didn’t°yet be public in the society, it is thus clear that have how and hurriedly.”Summer light song wry smile way:”So would get into a hot dispute.As a singer, who don’t want to let oneself’s singing performance do breeze breeze the fire become angry to get successful?I am to be compelled helpless.Xiao cloud ……we go this time ……do you really have confidence?”

Tell the truth, the summer light song does so an in the mind or has no bottom to Xiao cloudmbt kaya till now.But don’t know why, make for the ghost the absolute being badly believe him.Meeting why so?Oneself seemed to once have several side with him also of good luck?Probably on this affair, he reason that is as different as chalk and cheese from his performance!The summer light song thinks around only this reason.Peep out a self-confident smile on Xiao cloud face, “the matter is in the factitiousness!”He certainly has confidence, or say that he has to have confidence, the summer light song is early oneself already decided empress temple candidate, how could does the arch hand render up others?Light breeze Lee?Li Jia?Slice!Dare rob a woman with Lao Tze?Lao Tze Wang in the sky doesn’t go as well!Summer light song in the mind slightly Anne, the affair arrived this one step, having not turned head road can walk, and she can choose to believe Xiao cloud just now.Xiao cloud way:”In your household’s eyes, you combine with Li Jia, can bring a huge advantage for the house in summer, so they would the dint urge this matter and urge so tightly now, so whether summer house arrive don’t? make you return to matrimony can not of situation?Or say the house in summer whether meets what crisis, must do so can not?”The summer light song sighs a way:”That arrives have no, although is the reason of this most basic matter on the consideration of household benefits, but if there is no this matter in the beginning, I even if don’t marry into Li Jia, to our summer house also have no what actual injure, say white I and combining of Li Jia Be just an add flowers to brocade matter, not have to of.”Xiao cloud way:”Now is seen, your parents are obviously stations in your this side of, your father is still an incumbent parent, and you marry into Li Jia’s this matter again not is have to of, but this affair still ineluctable occurrence, even if expel the consideration of household benefits, back must also what someone pushed just go, so for make you marry into Li Jia’s this matter, topmost heart of who?Or say who most hope that you marry into Li Jia?”The summer light song wanted to think a way:”Should be my two Shen Li Qin.””Why does she want to do so?”Summer light song way:”Not be forgetting, she is also Lee!”Xiao cloud is wrinkly to knit the brows, ” is she also Li Jia’s person?”Summer light song way:”Is quite good!She is Li Jia’s person.However, their house is Li Jia’s far building, not a Di to fasten, afterwards after she married my two uncles, although her own position is turned over a sky to reply presenting new look of ground a while, but her natal home be still still expeled at Li Jia’s core outside.But once she facilitates me and light breeze Lee’s wedding, that circumstance consumedly different.Light breeze Lee is to serve as Li Jia the next generation parent’s noise of shouting is the tallest, prominent at Li Jia’s position, once I combine with light breeze Lee, so light breeze Lee certanly will will to her natal home greatly for the care, is regardless a house still Li Jia in summer when the time comes, her positions will consumedly strengthen.Proceeding from this kind of consideration isn’t difficult either to comprehend she why will to this matter so last heart.Urging the matter that I return to betroth this time is also what she takes to come.”Xiao cloud way:”She is only your two Shens, even your none of fathers how support this wedding, she how have so big energy?Is it in her part to can let almost whole households all station?”Summer light song wry smile way:”Make reference to bottom, not just because don’t I have elder brother or younger brother?Mother borns my a daughter!This household that is paying attention to blood relationship and inherit in, this is to have no after.Being not filial to have three is after having no big, so although the father is an eldest son, a clan long, but the weight for talking in home is very limited.But she is different, her son summer clear sun is summer house the third generation sons middle age the age is the biggest, a next parent the most probably of candidate.In the sheep city, even someone is as sparse Huo as Li Jia Li’s light breeze,

Huo house he, white house white just even 3 be juxtaposed to be called’sheep city four childes’.mbt kifundo Had this to relate to, isn’t she just intransigent and haughty?Most decisive of BE, although my father is an incumbent parent, only 15% that has household share, the quota doesn’t calculate greatly.The home talks weight to weigh most of still my grandpa, is also take a post a parent.And I two Shens again is in a few son daughters-in-law most get my grandpa is joyful, so also no wonder that will have so big energy.”Xiao cloud sneer way:”Say so come, she this is regarded as for the sake of an already of private, but don’t hesitate to sacrifice your happiness!Is still it happened that to want to beat to is the curtain of household benefits consideration, return What a the woman whom a stops at nothing for reaching purpose!”The summer light song sighed tone, didn’t say what.In the mind but approved the parlance of Xiao cloud.……Huge Boeing 747 aerobuses slowly land in the sheep city white cloud airport.Because this time is secret line, the nature can’t appear cellophane noodles to welcome with crowd cheering on both sides of street a condition like this, by so doing, anti- the light song pouring to let a summer feel very and easily-have how long haven’t appeared a circumstance like this?Be a woman sometimes is also very tiring.Kicking back and enjoying appropriately is also quite good.Airport, Xiao cloud just wanted to recruit a for-rent car, suddenly, listenned to after death a not that friendly voice spread, “elder sister, welcomed you back!How also does the impassability know that the home is a , arranges car so much to pick you up?This was the wild man whom you keep?How to still bring back a home?”Chapter 204 otherwise still don’t beat you!Once turned round a to see, see a 20 many year old, an obvious young man that childe’s elder brother dresses up leans on Cadillac at a black Chang Peng up, one face smile don’t? smile of looking at 2 people.”Summer clear sun?You how can here?”Summer light song one face of shocked.She returns to the affair of sheep city is keep secret, but an airport met clear sun of summer, how may the affair be so accidental?If isn’t accidental, can explain a matter-this matter has been already revealed.If reveal, so ……home affirmation the meeting in advance has preparation.Thus, does the affair still probably succeed?Summer light song immediately suffer from suffer from losing, even starts considering to come back this time isn’t exactitude.Because she knows and wants back easily, can want to walk, perhaps not so easy.Her viewpoint where deceive lead Xiao cloud?Xiao cloud is tiny tiny on smiling, lightly clapped to clap her shoulder, signaling hint her needed not be nervous.Don’t know the reason why, see the smiling face of Xiao cloud, the summer light song unexpectedly and really felt not and so strain.This man seems to always give a person with the confidence.”Ha ha, does my dear elder sister see the cousin of long time no see is this kind of facial expression?Isn’t because and this wild man has illicit sexual relation of the affair be discovered by me but ill at ease?”The summer clear sun false smile says.Summer the action of the light song and Xiao cloud 2 people one silk don’t fall of see at his eyes in, he doesn’t toward that aspect want that thinking is all difficult.

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