Chili family remains in guarded condition after house fire

A family rescued from a house fire in Chili last week remain in guarded condition Monday morning at Strong Memorial Hospital. Judith Ogg, 67, was rescued by a postal worker who spotted the fire. Judith's daughter-in-law, Kaitlyn, was rescued by emergency crews along with her children, four-year-old R.J. Lockwood and seven-month-old Mara Ogg.

The Ogg family released a statement Monday morning saying, “We had a heartfelt meeting with Barbara Langdon and were able to express our gratitude to her. We're also very grateful to the first responders who rescued the other members of our family. Judy is doing much better and we believe her lung treatments will be over soon. Mara and Katie are being treated for burns and smoke inhalation and R.J. is continuing treatments for smoke inhalation. All four are in guarded but stable condition.”

Fire investigators say there no working smoke detectors in the home on Golden Road. Fire investigators tell News10NBC the cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.

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