City says landlords can register properties online, but only if they have a Windows PC

Yup. backstory: My Yup.

backstory: My girlfriend’s roommates moved out of their apt a month before the lease was up. My GF and I went to pack up her stuff a week before the lease was up. Got halfway through, and left to come back a couple days later (three days before 7/1).

When we returned, the landlord had come in and bagged everythign of hers up in trash bags with no discrimination. Plungers with her pillows, swept trash with her clothes. They broke apart her armoire to get it out of her room. Trashed all her school work, her personal mementos, etc etc etc.

Called ISD, no pickup. Left a message, no call back. Called her landlord, no pickup, left a message, no call back. Called the police, they came and we filed a police report.

She was distraught. Somebody had come in and violated her personal space and basically destroyed all her things, including her irreplaceable items, little things, like a wine bottle she and her best friend had drank when studying abroad in Prague.

There was NO recourse, because the damages were less than a lawyers fee. Totally fucked up system, even with the ‘protections’ for renters.

Sorry for the unrelated rant, but I just got a bit worked up

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