Coby’s Story and the Growing Concerns Over Baby Flat Head Syndrome

Plagiocephaly or Brachycephaly, also commonly known as baby flat head syndrome and the use of corrective helmets has sparked many debates over the past few weeks. Although some babies who develop the condition in their early months have some improvement at the early stage using various repositioning techniques, other more severe cases can benefit from further medical treatment.

One mother who has recently experienced the condition firsthand is Andria Donnison, whose son Coby was born with Plagiocephaly. She first voiced her concerns to her health visitor when Coby was between 2-3 months, but was assured that it would correct itself once he started rolling over.

Due to her daughter’s concerns it was Andria’s mother, Carol, who sought further advice and came across Technology in Motion, a company which has been providing plagiocephaly treatment since 2003. Technology in Motion found Coby’s condition to measure within the severe range and recommended that they begin treatment in the form of a TiMband Plagiocephaly helmet. As the condition is still widely considered to be cosmetic, the helmets are not available on the NHS and cost the family  £1,950.

Andria said, “At first I was upset and also worried about the costs involved, but thanks to the support of our family, friends and the local community we managed to raise enough money for Coby’s helmet and awareness about the condition at the same time. I’m often approached by other mothers in a similar position who have also been told that their baby’s head will correct itself but have found otherwise. Having had such a positive experience with Technology in Motion I always recommend that they get a second opinion, even if it’s just for peace of mind.”

The local businesses in Bridlington came together, donating funds and items to raffle for the family to help raise the funds for Coby. He has since become quite the local celebrity, constantly recognised with his blue helmet and big smile.

At 11 months old, Coby has now finished his treatment, leaving the family doubting whether his head would have ever corrected itself had they left it.

Sandie Waddell, Coby’s Orthotist said, “Coby’s head shape had a very severe deformity before we started treatment and now you can’t even tell that there had been a problem. We know how difficult it is for the parents who come to see us but we also know what we can do for these little ones. Coby was 5 months old when they started treatment and 11 months old at the end of treatment. He started with an asymmetry of 17mm which improved to 4mm and a CI (width / length ratio) of 97% which improved to 87%. I am delighted with the result of his treatment and wish him and his family well for the future.”

Coby’s before and after head shapes are shown below.

coby Coby’s Story and the Growing Concerns Over Baby Flat Head Syndrome

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