Daily Kos: Freddie Mac sells Oregon family a former meth lab

Jonathan Hankins of Klamath Falls, Oregon thought he was getting a good deal when he bought a house from Freddie Mac for only $ 36,000. What he didn’t know, however, was that he’d bought a former meth lab.

The family moved into the home the third week of June. Within days, Jonathan began experiencing severe dry mouth unlike he’d ever had before. He initially thought it was allergies, but soon his wife Beth, an emergency room nurse, also got severe dry mouth and developed sores. Jonathan’s symptoms progressed to sinus migraines, while Beth developed breathing problems. They both felt disoriented and their 2-year-old son Ezra was also acting strange.

Jonathan wasn’t sure if Ezra was just uncomfortable with the move or sick. On his last night they lived at the ill-fated house, the boy kept telling his parents he was thirsty, but when he tried to drink water, Jonathan said his son threw it across the room because it burned.

“The neighbors said it’s probably the meth,” Jonathan said of the symptoms.

The Hankinses moved in with Beth’s parents, and a test found 38 micrograms of meth residue–more than 80 times the legal limit. They’ve since rented another house. However, they not only face having to still keep up the mortgage on the meth-contaminated house, but have to replace several household items that were so badly contaminated that they’re unusable. Jonathan’s also worried that his son may be at risk for developmental problems later on, even though they found out early on why they were getting sick. Now they want Freddie Mac to not only cover the cost of decontaminating the house and reimburse them for the loss of their household items, but start testing all of their houses for meth contamination. Sign here.

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