Family of Aaron Swartz: Government officials partly to blame for his death

Hey LostIn ThePineBarrens: That’s good stuff right there. Lucky for you the vulture didn’t fry itself on a power line or drown in your pool. You would have all these idiots blaming you for the bird’s death.

I’m sick of you bicycle helmet wearing, window licking, tards, aka helicopter parents who think it’s never your or your kid’s fault for their behavior. “It’s society’s fault”. Why? Because your kid got 2nd in some science fair when he was 8 yrs old. So if we didn’t have judges at the science fair and instead had “everyone is a winner for trying” then little Johnny wouldn’t have grown up to stalk, kidnap, kill people, and wear the victim’s faces as masks?

WAKE THE F#CK UP PEOPLE! It’s time to stop blaming everyone else for what we or our kids do. If that is the case then we need to feel sorry for a guy who rapes and kills children because he was made fun of, one time, in the lockeroom when he was in school.

Aaron was a hacker. A HACKER. Do you all know what hackers do? “but he was a good hacker”, or even better, “his was a victimless crime”. All we know about are the hacks he either got accolades for or the ones he got caught for. He did hundreds or even thousands of hacks that only he and his buddies know about and I guarantee not all of them were vicimless crimes. Here is a scenerio for all of you. So if it wasn’t JSTOR that he hacked, but your bank and he took all your life savings, your kid’s college fund, your retirement, etc. would you feel the same way? Most of you would cheer that he hung himself.

If I get a ticket for jay walking I have to pay that ticket, no matter how stupid of a law jay walking is. Why? because it’s in our country’s law that it is an offense. No one made him do this @!$ %#. He knew what he was doing is considered illegal and still did it. Was the US Attorney’s Office coming down on him too hard? hackers do what they do for the thrill. Because no one else can do it. They do thing’s like Aaron did and they also hack our government’s security agencies and sell the info to terrorist’s. They try and shut down whole corporations systems which, in the end, would mean thousand’s of people with either no job or having to wait three months with no paycheck because all information was lost and the system is frozen. yes he stole some articles, but what about the next challenge or the one after that? We have laws for a reason and he broke a few. He was a criminal, he got caught (which means he wasn’t as intelligent as he thought), he couldn’t handle it, he killed himself. He is to blame, and obviously his parents are since he was hacking (illegal activity) when he was a kid. Deal with it.

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