Family of Jenni Rivera’s pilot: “He was famous for adhering to safety measures”

Just days after the announcement that Miguel Perez Soto’s two sons and wife filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jenni Rivera’s company, the trio has come forward to shed some light on the 78-year-old flying the plane on the evening the famous Mexican singer passed away.

In an exclusive interview with Noticiero Telemundo on Monday, Isabel Carrero Gomez alongside her two sons Miguel Perez Carrero and Mauricio Perez Carrero gave their side of the story regarding the man who has been a central figure in the plane crash that killed Rivera and five others.

“My father was famous for adhering to safety measures,” said son Miguel.

The lawsuit the family filed March 8 maintains that the fatal crash was due to the plane’s condition. They intend to disprove that the Mexican citizen suffered a heart attack or was incapacitated in some way, as Starwood’s Director of Operations Christian Esquino Núñez suggested was a possibility in an interview on “Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste.”

“He had flown with Jenni Rivera before, but he didn’t fly the plane just because he knew her,” said Mauricio, who said his father had mentioned Rivera’s interest in purchasing the Learjet25 before its crash. “The company that owns the plane had to hire the best pilot in the world to fly the best artist.”

A separate civil lawsuit previously filed in Los Angeles by relatives of four of the deceased victims – Arturo Rivera, a publicist; Jacob Yebale, makeup artist; Mario Macias Pacheco, attorney; and Jorge Armando Sanchez Vasquez, Rivera’s hairdresser – states that Perez Soto did not have the instrument flight rule license needed to fly the plane at 35,000 feet and according to the filed suit, he was not licensed to fly “passengers for hire.”

But Soto’s widow maintains that the flight was business as usual for the pilot. She says even after she learned of the crash, she thought her husband had survived – and even prepared for his homecoming.

“I had his pajamas, slippers, a glass of milk and a sandwich ready in case he arrived hungry,” said Carrero Gomez, whose sons are both commercial pilots.

Soto’s son Miguel said that the family has never thought Soto was incapacitated in any way before taking the pilot’s seat after Rivera’s sold out concert at Monterrey Arena.

“The truth is we never doubted his ability to fly; we never thought anything would happen,” said Miguel.

“But we’re sure he fought for his life and did everything possible to remedy any failure with the plane.”

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