Family sues property owners after deaths and injury in house fire

When New York residents rent apartments or visit restaurants, stores or other public buildings, they often have no knowledge about the safety of the building or whether regular maintenance is being performed. It is the responsibility of building owners to ensure that their public premises are safe to occupants and visitors. Disregard of the duty to ensure safety can constitute negligence, which could make the owners liable if someone is injured while on their property by a condition known to be a safety hazard. When these accidents occur, injured New York residents can consult with New York City premises liability attorneys in order to understand their rights and options.

After a house fire that killed two people and injured six, the survivors are filing a lawsuit against the owners of the building. The bases of the lawsuit include premises liability, negligence, and wrongful death, and the plaintiffs seek damages for their injuries and emotional distress. The complaint alleges that the owners knew that the building was in poor condition and disrepair. The code violations and dangerous conditions alleged include the following: no fire blocking in the garage, sealed or unopenable windows preventing escape, missing smoke detectors, and defective wiring. The plaintiffs claim that owners of the building knew of these dangers and risks but rented the building in the current condition despite those risks.

Although many people likely do not think about the possibility of suffering an injury while spending time in their own apartment or eating dinner in a restaurant, the fact is that accidents frequently happen in public locations as a result of poor maintenance or neglect. Legally, property owners have the responsibility to ensure that their buildings are safe for those who enter the premises. This responsibility includes performing regular maintenance to ensure safety and correcting known problems or performing needed repairs. When owners know of a risk but fail to do anything to correct it, they can be held responsible for the injuries and damages suffered in a lawsuit.

Premises liability lawsuits can result from many different situations. Depending on the exact circumstances, property owners can be held responsible for falls on defective stairs or ice, inadequate security, building defects, etc. If New York residents are injured in dangerous buildings, consulting with an experienced premises liability can help them find out whether they may be able to pursue compensation for their injuries.

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