Georgia Tech Grad, Parents Killed in Tenn. Accident

On Saturday morning, Ashish, a 2009 graduate of Georgia Tech, was driving a Honda Civic with his family on board, when Dunlap’s Ranger momentarily swerved into Ashish’s lane. The vehicles collided, killing Ashish, Satpal, and Anjalie Dembla.

Kanita survived the accident and was flown to UT Medical Center in Knoxville, according to authorities. Kanita suffered major head trauma in the accident and is currently in critical condition.

Investigators say that there was no evidence that Dunlap was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the accident. Instead, Dunlap believes that he may have fallen asleep at the wheel, causing his car to drift into the Demblas’ lane. While Dunlap may not have broken any laws, could the surviving family members bring a civil suit against Dunlap?

A wrongful death suit would allow Kanita and any other surviving family members to be compensated for their loss. The family would have to show that Dunlap owed a duty to the decedents to drive safely, and that by falling asleep at the wheel Dunlap breached that duty and caused the three family members’ deaths. They would likely argue that Dunlap was negligent in driving without adequate sleep.

Ashish Dembla worked as a graduate research assistant at the Marcus Nanotechnology Research Center and held degrees from Georgia Tech and the Indian Institute of Technology on Georgia Tech’s Campus.

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