German Officials Return Homeschooled Children to Family on Condition They Attend Public School

wunderlich family 300x180 German Officials Return Homeschooled Children to Family on Condition They Attend Public School

As previously reported, approximately 20 social workers, police officers and special agents swarmed the home of Dirk and Petra Wunderlich last month and forcefully removed all the children. A family court judge in Darmstadt had signed an order that day authorizing officials to immediately seize the Wunderlich’s children for failing to cooperate “with the authorities to send the children to [public] school.”

“I looked through a window and saw many people, police, and special agents, all armed,” Dirk outlined. “They told me they wanted to come in to speak with me. I tried to ask questions, but within seconds, three police officers brought a battering ram and were about to break the door in, so I opened it.”

“The police shoved me into a chair and wouldn’t let me even make a phone call at first,” he continued. “It was chaotic as they told me they had an order to take the children. At my slightest movement the agents would grab me, as if I were a terrorist. You would never expect anything like this to happen in our calm, peaceful village. It was like a scene out of a science fiction movie. Our neighbors and children have been traumatized by this invasion.”

The Wunderlich family had been aware, however, that German officials were seeking to take away their children. Last year, the government was granted legal custody of the youth, but the matter was stalled in court. In the meantime, reports state, officials took their passports so that the family could not leave the country.

Dirk said that one of the most horrific and heartbreaking aspects of the seizure on was when his wife tried to say goodbye to their 14-year-old daughter Machsejah.

“When I went outside, our neighbor was crying as she watched. I turned around to see my daughter being escorted as if she were a criminal by two big policemen. They weren’t being nice at all,” he recalled. “When my wife tried to give my daughter a kiss and a hug goodbye, one of the special agents roughly elbowed her out of the way and said—‘It’s too late for that.’ What kind of government acts like this?”

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