Germany 57 seconds through the new registration law allows the sale of personal information has been opposed

711 day peak evening news reported that, according to Voice of China, the world’s fastest speed of a bill that is how long? Recently, for rigorous and efficient with known German 57 seconds through a “Registration Act” draft, so speed is indeed efficient, but not easy to say whether strict. Because the voices of doubt have been a few days the bill caused uproar.

This thing from the night talking about day 628, when glued to television screens of tens of thousands of German, European Championship semi-final Germany against Italy in this thrilling game, they may not have thought of, to determine their own how personal information is to use the moment to.

628 night, the scene less than 30 members in the Bundestag conference hall will be the new Registration Act vote. While at the same time, the 2012 European Football Championship semi-final Germany against Italy is hot staged. Members have not read, there is no debate, only spent 57 seconds on the adoption of the new draft law of the Registration Act. According to the provisions of the new registration law “in the draft, unless the residents in writing refused registration department will residents of personal data, such as name, title, address, whether the death, sold to third parties for commercial use. In addition, the Bill also provides that information to sell if it is to confirm and correct the existing information and data used for advertising or address trading is permitted.

German media and the people immersed in the sadness of the European Championship defeat, the bill within the past 10 days after the adoption of the Bundestag has been calm, no one seems interested in boring, such as civil registration and the relevant legal provisions . Until the 7th, “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” on the front page banner headline, “reported the government to allow the transaction citizen information”, and finally a stone startled thousand ripples.

German TV station, an online poll shows that nearly 76,000 Internet users participated in the survey, 99 percent of people oppose the new bill would allow the sale of the residents of personal data provisions. SPD internal affairs expert Weifeiersi Pu Heights, said he estimated that this bill is the product of lobbying by interest groups. Obviously, the ruling coalition in the advertising industry and address of the service providers confront yield. German Federal Data Protection Commissioner Shull said that the country without the parties have agreed to the forced sale of personal information and the resulting profit, which is unacceptable. Such behavior is simply a gift to the advertising industry. Social Democratic House caucus spokesman Hartmann said that the black and yellow coalition of the ruling should not be thinking unilaterally to meet the address the interests of service providers.

This new

“Registration Act” is part of the reform of the German federal system since 2006, the federal states in the terms of reference of the residents’ personal data management reverted to the federal. At present, the federal states have their own relevant provisions. The bill has passed the lower house of German parliament, will vote in the Bundesrat. If it passed in the Senate, then from 2014 onwards, the German government will have the right people registered in the local registry of account personal information sold to the private sector. The face of people’s voices of doubt, the German government is how to deal with it?

The face of this hugely controversial bill, the relevant departments of the German government have tried to steer clear.


German Federal Consumer Minister, the Christian Social Union party member, said that the version of the bill revision is not submitted by the Federal Cabinet adopted by the Bundestag. For a modified section, she did not know. In her view, such an important part in a night so quickly through a mistake. The law is not enacted.

In addition, the German government spokesman Sai Bote on the 9th, after the approval of the Cabinet, the draft “Registration Act”, have made changes in the audit submitted to the Bundestag. The initial draft regulations, the Government Resident Registration department in the written permission of residents to be able to sell the personal information of residents. The Home Affairs Committee of Parliament on the draft has been modified. The message from within the ruling coalition, the Home Affairs Committee revised the draft law in the requirements of the Christian Social Union.

The outside world public opinion, in accordance with the present situation, the German government is likely to modify or cancel this cause people strongly opposed the draft law.

According to German law, a new law must be passed in the Federal Cabinet, submitted to the Bundestag and Bundesrat audit vote, then signed by the President of the Federated in order to come into effect. The federal Senate will vote on the new “Registration Act” in 921 days. However, the Christian Social Union party chairman, the governor of Bavaria Zehuo Fu has said that if the Federal Senate to vote on the bill, then Bavaria will vote in favor of. He said that the residents’ personal information data must be communication to the public after I agree to the case. Thus, analysts generally believe that all aspects of the reaction, the new Registration Act in such circumstances is difficult in the Federal Senate passed.

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