Getting to the Bottom of Mission Viejo Property Condition Information

Demod Kitchen for FHA VA Financing 300x199 Getting to the Bottom of Mission Viejo Property Condition Information

There are also myriad other professionals standing by to assist home buyers in satisfying themselves as to the conditions of the property.  The Home Inspector is the foundation of any buyers’ independent assessment of the property.  The Home Inspector often finds things that the home seller may not even be aware of – especially if it’s something in the attic or under the house in the crawl space.  Buyers should always enlist the services of a Home Inspector to assist them in understanding the condition of the property. Watch this Home Inspection Overview Video for more info.

Depending on the information provided by the seller in those pages and pages of obligatory disclosures, and the pages and pages of information and pictures in the Home Inspection Report, and the Termite Report, the buyer may call in some other professionals such as a Pool Inspector, Roof Inspector, Chimney Inspector, Geological Inspector, plumber, electrician, Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, Mold Inspector, Mold Abatement Specialist, and Window Repair and Replacement specialist.  These professionals will use their specialized knowledge and experience to provide the buyer with the best possible assessment of the condition of the property.

Lesser know tools that buyers may use to understand the condition of the property and material facts that may have a bearing on the value or desirability of the property are the IBWA and IBAN.  The first tool, the IBWA or Inspection By Walking Around, can be used by the buyer morning, noon, and night and on week days and on the weekends.  This tool allows the buyer physically walk around the neighborhood to see the property under different circumstances.  The IBWA canMotorcycle Riders Getting to the Bottom of Mission Viejo Property Condition Information help determine the flow of soccer traffic on Saturdays and Sundays.  Garage Band 300x258 Getting to the Bottom of Mission Viejo Property Condition InformationIt can shed light on were the middle schoolers congregate after school, and can give the buyer a very realistic look at how the neighborhood operates.  In addition, the buyer may use the IBAN – Inspection By Asking Neighbors method.  This is where the buyer goes knocking on the neighbors’ doors, asking questions like “how many children are on this block?” “Do the children walk to school, ride their bikes, take the school bus, or carpool?” “Are there many people with motorcycles in this neighborhood?” “Is there a garage band in the neighborhood?”  “Do you every hear dogs barking in the neighborhood?”  “Is it common for the police to be called in due to public nuisance in the neighborhood?”  The IBWA and IBAN are very cost effective ways of collecting more information on the property condition to help buyers feel comfortable with their purchase.  Or not.


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