Girl with rare medical condition targeted by thieves

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City family is desperate to find their stolen van that was taken from their home Sunday night.

However, it was not an ordinary vehicle.

The family uses it to transport their 5-year-old daughter, who has a very rare medical condition, to and from her doctor’s visits.

Recently, 5-year-old Kenadie and her family traveled to Disney World, as a part of the Make A Wish Foundation.

Monday, her family is feeling anything but special after someone stole their silver 2004 Nissan van Sunday night.

Alisha Hancock said, “It’s gone.”

Kenadie has a rare medication condition and her family needs the van to get her to and from school, as well as doctor’s visits.

Only a vehicle of that size can carry all of Kenadie’s necessary medical equipment.

Hancock said, “My daughter needs that car. We have a medical stroller wheelchair that we have to have for her.”

Kenadie’s car seat was inside the van when it was stolen but items for a charity were also taken.

Hancock said, “We adopted a family for Christmas. We don’t have very much money at all, but we were collecting donations for a family. Their son is being put on the transplant list. We were collecting presents for them and they were in my car.”

The family Hancock adopted for Christmas has three children, all of whom were in need of clothing and toys for an 18-month-old; along with winter clothing and toys for a 7-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl.

She says only about 10 people in the nation have the same condition as Kenadie, but she’s the youngest.

Hancock said, “She requires a pacemaker, two feeding tubes and a port and her muscles go limp at any time.”

She’s home from school Monday, but it’s not because of the weather.

Kenadie is feeling under weather.

Hancock said, “This one’s her tummy. This for her intestines, here’s her pacemaker, up here is her port where she gets IV medication every three weeks.”

She added, “She’s just our little miracle.”

Now, this family is hoping for another one.

She said, “I’m not going to be able to provide Christmas for my kids if I have to find money. She was recently in the hospital for two weeks and I had to miss work. I’m just devastated because I have to have my van.”

The van has Oklahoma license plate 851-BZJ.

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