Personal Property and Divorce: Consignment Offers Solutions

Personal Property and Divorce: Family Focused Consignment Offers Solutions

Divorce brings with it upheaval and turmoil; navigating the dissolution of a relationship takes an emotional toll of both parties. The dissolution and assignment of property; and cost of establishing new residences compound the situation. Once your discussion moves beyond the legal assignment of property, consignment is a family focused venue for securing the greatest value for your property, done in a timely basis and an affordable way to create a new living space while building your new life.

Consignment specialists who are family focused provide tools and knowledge that is valuable throughout the divorce process. Partnering with a consignment specialist through mediation and assignment of property adds an objective voice to an emotional journey. Specifically, a consignment specialist will:

A dining set may have served a family for generations and possess emotional value; but it may not be appropriate for resale. A consignment specialist is knowledgeable about buyer trends, replacement costs, new purchase expense, and market trends. This objective voice lends itself to a positive mediation experience and positive outcome for all parties.

The inventory of a fine furnishing and household consignment shop ranges from new furnishings to vintage antiques. Consignors should anticipate that any items accepted for consignment or available for purchase are of high quality, outstanding craftsmanship, excellent condition, and priced at a fair market rate. Disposition of property assignment typically occurs immediately following the emotional pinnacle of a family’s journey. Consignment offers an orderly disposition of goods whose focus is to secure the maximum value for the consignor. It is a convenient solution that enables family to devote their energies toward building a new living environment.

Establishing a new home when emotions are high and finances may be stretched is made easier by working with a consignment specialist. Keep in mind; a consignment shop is not a neighborhood yard sale in which the buyer should beware. A consignment shop offers unique fine furnishings, textiles, lighting, accessories, and artwork that meet rigid requirements and priced well below purchasing new. The purchaser is secure in the knowledge that inventory is in excellent condition and meets the high specifications of the consignment specialist.

Partnering with a family focused consignment specialist enables mediation when determining disposition of a recliner, the value of Grandma’s dining room set, or disposing of household property once legally assigned. Your consignment specialist understands market conditions and advises both buyers and sellers how to secure the highest potential sale and purchasing price for antiques, fine art, collectables, fine furnishings, and other personal household property.

As part of my furniture refinishing and decorative painting business, Art and Texture, in West Clay, Indiana, I started a furniture and collectibles consignment business, The Backroom @ West Clay.

I saw so many people who were getting divorced and either donating or selling their great furniture and art for a song….and I knew that the newly divorced who were redecorating could use the things others wanted to keep as part of their past…so the idea of recycling seemed like a natural.

And Indiana is not the only place where you can buy and sell top of the line furniture, art and collectibles. In Los Angeles, check out:

Or just cruise up and down LaBrea for the selection of a lifetime.

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