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Chris says: 06:22pm | 09/01/13

@Tim I completely agree with you. Either we have a troll on our hands or ramases has such a bad case of “the good old days” that he is completely removed from reality.

But in any case, lets break down ramases last comment, just in-case he is in fact a delusional BB.

“us “older” people had a different set of values, a different work ethic and a different approach to life and living. We didn’t for example expect to walk into a new home with all the mod cons available from day one” – Find me an example of someone young who *actually* expects this. Most young people looking/hoping to enter the market are well aware of the financial difficulties of obtaining their first property. We start off literally with nothing and that IS the expectation.

“we worked to buy a modest place and then as we progressed in our working life we acquired those little luxuries that now make life liveable.” – and how is this only applicable to your era? This is just as true as it was in your era as it was in the one before yours and the one before that, as it is now. People start off from the bottom and work their way up. That, is generally how it works regardless.

“After 25 to 30 years of paying off our modest little home we moved to another more palatial home because we had worked hard and saved and deserved better.” – You moved from your original home? You are lucky! My family raised me in a small home with three children and are still there. My parents worked hard to raise us with what WE had, they worked hard to build their home just as I intend to do the same. Also, I find it interesting for you to say you worked hard and thus deserved better, as if other people don’t because they didn’t go through the exact same experience as you.

“We also didn’t get any handouts from the Government in the way of First Home Buyers grants, Paid maternity Leave, Education expenses or an y of the miriade of freebies expected by people these days.” – I for one am glad we have these ‘benefits’. Yes benefits, not handouts. Paid Mat Leave, First Home Buyers Grant etc. are examples of way our society is moving forward with the times, if you are honestly of the opinion women should not be provided with this benefit alone, then you need to really *actually* educate yourself in the area (and life). They are also not ‘freebies’. Government ‘benefits’ are often given to people who are under extreme hardship, (probably worse than you have ever experienced) and need support. This tough love crap you tout is rubbish. Should we abolish the old age pension because you all worked so hard back in the day and now you have it so good you don’t need it? I didn’t think so. “We also had a different approach to raising our children, like actually only one partner working whilst the other stayed at home and looked after our own children.” – while your comment is moderately sexest, what you are actually pointing out was that families in your day were able to live off a single income. Congratulations! Most families cannot afford such luxuries anymore, sounds like you had it easy after all!

“We worked hard and if buying an investment property or two was available we took that chance.” – This is just ridiculous, your talking about how hard you worked, and how hard life was in your era yet you can manage to buy investment properties? I don’t care if you are talking about 40 years after your first home, you are living in circumstances above most if you have a portfolio with two investment properties… Much of what @Economist previously said is now very apparent…

“Now a days the young adults expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, use their parents as child care centres and expect their parent to fund their homes for them. “ – again you have made a generalisation. Get your head out of your ass.

“What I say to those that expect this is to get off their butts, stand on their own two feet and actually do something for themselves for a change instead of expect everyone else to do it for them and stop blaming the older generation for your own problems..” – I certainly don’t blame my elders for any of my financial troubles. (none personal anyway). I admire my parents and my grandparents for the effort they made in life, the things they worked hard for, and the things they achieved. But I will face many of the same problems as they did, financial and otherwise. Btw, I work and hard, because if I don’t – I won’t have a chance at being successful in my life. I challenge you to find me a real example of this generalisation crap you are spewing because from where I sit, from what I can see there are plenty of young people working really hard to support themselves, (dare I say just as many as I see plenty of ‘older’ people looking for some of those ‘handouts’ you mentioned).

Do everyone a favour and educate yourself ramases

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