Saul Ndow’s Family challenges Gambian public, government to help with situation

After 7 months since his disappearance the case of missing Gambian Saul Ndow is still shrouded in mystery. In April 2013, Mr. Ndow made a trip to Dakar, Senegal where he was reportedly kidnapped by rebels alongside the Senegalese border and is currently being detained by the Gambian government. News about his condition is unclear as there are reports stating that he has been executed or that he is being detained in deplorable conditions.

Mr. Ndow’s family is very concerned about his situation, and is urgently appealing for his immediate release. “This is a violation of my father’s human rights ,” says Saul Ndow’s daughter, Fatou Ndow. “These sudden disappearances, arbitrary arrests and tortures are continuing on a wide scale. We need answers from the Senegalese and Gambian Government who have been remarkably silent over this matter despite our many efforts. Silence from the Gambian people and absence of action from government is condoning this inhumane treatment of my father among many others. Saul Ndow is either to be released or charged for his alleged crimes in a fair trial.”

The family of Saul Ndow are urging Gambians and alike to “help break the silence” and to support their just cause for his immediate release by signing the petition and following the pages they have set up for him on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also choose to be anonymous on the petition, every signature counts.

Petition :http://www.thepetitionsite.com/912/575/944/release-them-or-charge-them-break-the-silence/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Mahawa-Cham-and-Saul-NDow/223302761155977

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FreeSAULNDOW

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