Seriously ill woman to want to donate corneas look by donors

Donated corneas to a spiritual property left to his son

‘s day,abercrombie, due to cirrhosis of the liver disease mutation, her stomach bleeding 2000 ml,burberry soldes, 120 ambulance access to the rescue.

“I have an idea, my body is not good,abercrombie france, owe too much of the son,abercrombie, he grew up, is likely to want to do not up me. Me to donate corneas want him to know,abercrombie france, my mother had done a very great things can be considered to give him a spiritual heritage. “Speaking of these touching words, Cheng Li, like others things as quiet.

As early as a month ago,ralph lauren pas cher, she because of bleeding was rescued, only that her condition did not this time “dangerous”. The doctor told Cheng Lai and their families, her condition had advanced cirrhosis, at any time there may be life-threatening. “I’m not afraid of death, is reluctant to 5-year-old son awake after Cheng Lai great pain, saying” he wanted to donate their corneas, and hope someone on behalf of their own to take a look at my children. ”

  Cheng Li’s son,abercrombie pas cher, 5 years old, named Hengheng. Turning to his son, Cheng Li, a look of pity and guilt: “my son was born very sensible,abercrombie pas cher, feeling owed him too much.” Said Cheng Li, the son, when their grandparents helped to look after, and later her husband work outside the home, She and the son of two people at home. The body is slightly better, she took his son by the hand and walk in the yard. Last year, her husband work often taking a trip, generally do not go home at noon, out of the morning Pro, porridge Aohao and open bottle on the head of her bed. The need to drink plenty of water,ralph lauren, 4-year-old son of a spoon a spoon to feed her. At noon, the son porridge into a microwave oven, she was under the guidance of the “set time” heard a sound of “drip” to son and then porridge side out.

Do not want to drag the family she had pulled out the needles and oxygen tube

“She had refused treatment for his son.” Zhangru Sheng said, January 3rd wife fell into a coma and wake up,burberry, she actually pulled the rescue with a needle and oxygen tube. This scared to let him and the nursing staff,polo ralph lauren pas cher, and advised her to hurry with the treatment, can be a moment the wife is not listen to: “the disease anyway, look bad, and will let you and your son back more debt in the future.”

Cheng Li Ti, a few days ago, a donated cornea the Zhang Rusheng by surprise, and the conversation of the wife agreed with her idea. Cheng Liping light, said she knew of her illness at all likely “to go”, she was most worried about his son, think of the future child has the mother’s love, her children,burberry pas cher, it is very sad. “I want to know my child was growing up, donated cornea is the hope was to see his son, Cheng Lai said.

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