Sign falls on family at Alabama airport, killing 10-year-old boy

“Please defend the fact that Twinkies and Wonder Bread had to have THEIR OWN SEPARATE trucks and drivers because of Union rules”

I don’t know if that’s true or if union rules have anything to do with it. But as a truck driver I know that drivers are ALWAYS a seperate workforce, either within the company or an outside company. The work is distinct from all others, including seperate state, local and federal laws. As far as the whole strike goes, I know you think people should work for whatever the company tells them to, so the executives can get their million dollar bonuses. The workers collectively said that what the company was offering wasn’t worth it- they would rather be unemployed than exploited. Three cheers for the union.

“We now have laws to safeguard us against unfair and unsafe labor practices”

Then re-read the story. Our laws didn’t protect him and companies find many ways around them, while republican legislatures work hard to weaken those laws. If a union had been in place there, medical care would have been immediate BECAUSE THE OTHER WORKERS WOULDN’T HAVE FEARED FOR THEIR JOBS AND WOULD HAVE MADE SURE OF IT. That’s one of the things that unions do- they protect against unfair treatment of workers.

Companies will always get around laws if they want to. Unions serve as an on-site, immediate enforcement of worker’s human rights. They prevent the horror visited upon that temporary worker in the story. But since you feel the current labor laws are the only things workers need, explain how that worker was killed. If you are correct, then that worker COULD NOT have been denied medical attention and the hazards in that company COULD NOT have existed. So, TeaParty-boy, explain.

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