SpecialEdPost — Child with Autism Enriches Family Life

It’s an unfair and cruel condition. That’s the outsider’s perspective on autism, and it’s hard to refute.

But for families that live with an autism spectrum disorder, it’s possible that the experience can serve to strengthen bonds and bring a new appreciation to life. This is the case for the family of Michelle Bayne, whose youngest son, Jake, is affected by an autism spectrum disorder.

“When Jake was first diagnosed, I was heartbroken,” Bayne said. “But now, I don’t know how my life could’ve been different. It’s been a blessing in many ways. It’s opened my eyes to so many things, and I’m able to help parents go through some of the things we’ve gone through.”

“He might have autism, but it definitely does not have him,” Bayne said of Jake. “We have the attitude that this is something that we can overcome.”

If the past five years are indication, there’s no telling where young Jake may end up. He’s becoming more and more independent, which is exactly what Bayne wants for her youngest.

And really and truthfully, Jake has a lot in common with most boys his age. He loves video games — last Halloween he dressed as his favorite character, Super Mario — and he has a passion for horses. As a matter of fact, Jake is quite skilled with and comfortable around horses for his age.

He loves to walk right up and pet just about any horse he sees, and has no fear of climbing atop one.

[From Times-Gazette]

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