Star City football player remains in critical condition

UPDATE: Family members tell FOX16 that while Zack is still in critical condition, they are beginning to see more movement from him. According to his uncle, Jonathan Moss, Zack is beginning to move his arms, legs and hands. LITTLE ROCK, AR — Christy Rasico is praying for a miracle for her 18-year-old Zack.But she’s not the only one. The entire Star City community is behind her.

"I truly believe in God’s Word and that I think the more people who pray and believe what they pray, this baby is going to be healed," Christy Rasico said.

This support began when the linebacker collapsed while in a huddle Thursday night.

"Of course I go down to the field to see about him and he’s having a seizure at that point so he wasn’t responding at all at first," Rasico said.

And when he did respond.

"I said, ‘Are you going to be okay?’"

"I don’t know, Mom," he said.

Now he’s in critical condition a few weeks after Rasico says doctors cleared Zach from a concussion.

He sat out for a week and felt much better.

"Wednesday, I’m not on Twitter but my oldest son is and on it he said ‘I feel great. Life is good, so Wednesday he felt okay,’" Christy said.

So now, the family and the whole community wait.

"We’re just giving God time to heal his brain. He’s just still resting at this point," Christy said.

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