Xi’an: their children to private schools will not be identified as low income family

Reporters from the Xi’an City Civil Affairs Bureau, Xi’an city recently introduced a 13 for the city low income family specific assistance measures, the City Civil Affairs Bureau has started arrangements for the deployment of city low-income families that work, in line with the conditions of the family, can apply as soon as possible to help. Qualification of city low-income families since that date, valid for one year.

Shuttering Magnet 1800KGSAccording to the introduction, where has the urban resident accounts in the city family, in accordance with the principle of territorial management, take the family as a unit, headed by domicile neighborhood offices (town government) for identification. In accordance with the “Interim Measures” provisions of the low income family city Xi’an city that city, low-income families identified 1.5 times the standard for the urban minimum living security standard, namely, the new city, Beilin Qu, Yanta District, Lianhu District, Baqiao District, Changan District, Weiyang District, Lintong District, Yanliang District, the city of Feng Dongxin is 720 yuan per month Zhouzhi County; Huxian, Lantian County, Gaoling County, 675 yuan per month. The average monthly income of family members are lower than the standard and the family property conditions in accordance with the provisions of the local people’s government, after its application, can be identified as the city low income families. Qualification of city low-income families since that date, valid for one year, will need to re apply for accreditation. Towns minimal assurance family can be directly recognized as the city low income families.Bolt Anchor

The application object of the economic situation of the family after the audit, the civil affairs department will be in line with the conditions of the grant “Xi’an City low-income families that card”, by virtue of that material, low income families can enjoy medical assistance, temporary assistance, grants and low-cost housing security and many other help policy.

In accordance with the “Interim Measures” provisions of Xi’an city low income families identified, in any of the following circumstances, not the qualification accreditation of city low-income families: have the ability to work in the employment age, unemployment, laid-off unemployed, 3 times in a row without justifiable reasons, refused to accept the public employment service institution at or above the county level or the office of the streets (Township People’s the government), to provide employment services station community labor security unit of the family; the family has no employees, but the daily life of the family was significantly higher than the standard level of city low-income families; legal support, Fu (Fu) raises the obligor shall have fu (Fu), raising capacity, but fails to perform the obligations or transfer, give up the personal assets of the family.

Arrange children studying or studying abroad family in private school; have more than two sets of housing (including the two set), and did not take self-help measures family; two years to buy housing (except the demolition of the purchase of affordable housing) or in high-grade decoration housing families; have a car or consumption of high standard pet etc. non essential consumer goods family; drug, gambling and not repent of family members in the family, will not be recognized. (reporter Liu Tao)

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