31 Days to a More Vibrant, Healthy Family: Introduction

Januaryseries 31 Days to a More Vibrant, Healthy Family: Introduction

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that it is 2014, can you?

I am SO excited about what is in store this year.  Rooted Blessings wants to be your first source for information to help you have a healthier more vibrant family.

I want you to have so much energy that you didn’t even know it was possible.

I want your family to stay out of the doctor’s office! 

I want you to be able to manage your stress with ease and enjoy less of it!

I want you to live more, laugh more, and just enjoy life more. 

I want your body to have the tools that it needs to heal itself. 

Through out the month of January, I will be sharing lots of great  information, tips, tricks and presenting challenges in order to make 2014 your most vibrant year yet.  I will be sharing with you some golden nuggets of health information that will  help you to accomplish the goals that I have listed above.  It will be up to you to take this information and run with it.  And, it will be up to you to incorporate it into your daily lives of both you and your family.

 To begin practicing this healthier lifestyle will help you learn to live it.  We are all on a journey here.  No one is expecting perfection.

Here’s how it will work, I will be sharing some nuggets of information, and giving some small assignments along the way to help you take action. I’ll also be using this series to share about how my own family is doing in each of these areas?  Did I mention that we aren’t perfect? Shocker, I know.

I want to invite you to take full advantage of this community, if you end up struggling with any of the challenges or have more questions leave a comment below.  Feel free to share encouragement with others who are on the journey of greater health as well.

There is so much value in committing to health for both you and your family.  Sometimes, we just needs some practical steps to get us there.

Assignment #1 Goal writing is always an important step to change.

Write down your own personal health goals for the year.  - Writing them down is a very important step.

Don’t get overwhelmed.  If you just write down as little as 3 or as many as you want.

Ask yourself the question: How do I want my heath and the health of my family to change for the better this year? 

Do you hope to stay out of the doctor’s office?  Use more natural remedies?    How about just have more energy?  How about exercise with your kids?  Eat out less?  Get rid of your food allergies?  How about yell at your kids less (yes this can do with your health)?  How about rid your life of anxiety?

If you feel comfortable doing so, please share your goals in the comment section below!  It will help me zone in on what is important to you and gear this series more towards what you need as a reader. 

My goals will be separated into three categories:

In the next post, I will be sharing some of my own goals for our family health.

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