Actually Obama, Your Health Care Law Will Not Stop Medical Bankruptcy

The main points of ACA are get more money to the health insurance companies and to forestall real health insurance reform

Yes, exactly, with THE main purpose being the one I highlighted.

Because by the time 2008/2009 rolled around, Americans were clamoring for single payer. Several polls showed about 59% support for Medicare for All, with 49% even saying it should cover ALL expenses. (Sorry, no link because everytime I try to go to the page I get a message saying “This website is wanting to run the Zion add-on” or something like that and I don’t know what it is so I didn’t allow it.)

So the pols knew they couldn’t just fail again. They had to pass something. And what they did was just as you suggest; pass something that is nowhere near real reform and thus silencing the issue for another generation.

This is why I’ve been adamant that those who supported the bill should be made to OWN IT. Their actions have ensured that we won’t get real healthcare reform for another several years, and they should be reminded of it often so as when we finally do have the next debate about health care reform their previous actions will be known by all and they should be completely ignored.

What Next?

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