Baldwin Family Health Care Hosts Open House to Showcase Renovations to Child and Adolescent Health

“Some schools have a mobile dentist that visits the school, but they can’t offer the comprehensive, continuous care that students will receive with us. We can offer both preventive and restorative services, and because we utilize electronic records, information is easily transferable to any of our Health Centers,” said Kathy Sather, CEO, Baldwin Family Health Care. “We look forward to working with the children, coaching them on healthy habits, and teaching them about the importance of preventive care and to not put off seeking care when it’s needed.”

Baldwin Family Health Care provides comprehensive, high-quality primary and preventive health care services for residents of Lake, Missaukee, Newaygo, and Wexford counties. With most of its service area rural and isolated, Family Health Care sought the funding to improve students’ access to health care services and reduce missed days of school. Having the Health Center located within the school is a major convenience for both students and parents, allowing students to get the care they need without having to travel long distances, thus reducing time out of the classroom.

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