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One of the concerns all doctors, pharmacists, and even patients should be aware of is the potential for possible addiction to certain prescription drugs.  While every issued prescription starts off with the best of intentions, there is always the possibility that the patient can become hooked on the pills.  This seems to happen most often with pain killers.  It can lead to a long pattern of obtaining drugs from one or more physician and pharmacist through less then legitimate means.  That’s not to say illegal means, but individuals hooked on medication often find rather creative ways of working the system to get what they want.  And, with a medical community so brainwashed into medicating for all kinds of conditions, it’s not that hard.

While I mentioned pain killers above, there are a wide range of drugs that often fall into this avenue of abuse.  Any medication like Valium and Xanax that is used to treat stress and panic attacks can also be popular.  It’s this kind of problem, that makes it even more important to support responsible pharmacies like Canada Pharmacy when looking for your prescription medication.  We do live in a complicated culture and it’s easy to see why so many people fall into the trap of abusing medications.  That makes it all the more important, to support the reputable firms that don’t condone this kind of behavior.  While we may lose site of the fact being in such a large population, to a degree we are all responsible for each other.

I for one, have never had to be on much medication for any period of time, and I hope to keep it that way for a while.  I’m a much bigger proponent of preventative medicine then the pill-popping culture we seem to be living in these days.  Drug abuse is really just another symptom of a larger problem.  Bigger changes need to take place within our own personal health care these days.  If more people took responsibility for their own health, before they developed chronic conditions, then over medication would just be another problem that goes away.  While modern medicine has a lot of great answers to our cornucopia of ailments, the trend of staying healthy through smart lifestyle choices still has a long way to go.  Though, judging by the number of health voices on the internet, it is growing.  One can only hope that it continues into the future.

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