Board appoints Martin’s Point Health Care family practioner as school physician


Santi is a family practioner currently working at Martin’s Point, superintendent Meredith Nadeau told the board. “She has a strong background in adolescent health policy and has already met with our school nurses and with me for interviews and is enthusiastic about stepping into this role in the school district,” she said.

The annual appointment and pays a $ 1,000 stipend.

Under state statute, the role of the school physician is to advise the administrative unit on school health issues, policies and practices, and perform any other health-related functions assigned by the local School Board, Nadeau said. “At this time I would envision that she will likely serve as a representative to our wellness committee, and work with us around some health-related policy pieces and practices,” she said.

She cited airborne pathogen exposure protocols as an example, and later in the meeting said Santi’s input will be valuable as the board reviews current policy on concussions.

The appointment of school physician is the first the board has made in more than a year, since the retirement of the most recent school physician Dr. Jeffery Saffer.

“Although the position had been advertised, we did not receive any applicants last year,” Nadeau said in an email. “Dr. Sonti was referred to one of our school nurses about the position and interviewed with both our nurses and with me,” Nadeau said.

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