County Offers Rocklanders Free, Low-Cost Health Insurance

Need Health Insurance?

Health Department can help Rockland residents sign up for free or low-cost health insurance

Pomona, NY – In today’s tough economy, many people find themselves out of work and without health insurance.  This dangerous combination can put Rockland families at risk if they delay or go without getting needed health services. The Rockland County Department of Health can help residents sign up for free or low-cost health insurance for themselves and their children, and give them the peace of mind that access to health care brings. 

Most uninsured children are eligible for free or low-cost health insurance through Medicaid or through the Child Health Plus Program. Adults 19-64 with limited income also might be eligible for free health insurance through Medicaid or through a program called Family Health Plus.  With coverage through Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and Family Health Plus, parents do not have to spend far beyond their means to get medical care for themselves and their children.

Trained Health Department staff, called Facilitated Enrollers, can help residents apply for health insurance at convenient times and places, in English, Spanish, Creole, Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew. Facilitated enrollers are friendly and knowledgeable, and their services are free of charge.

“Our facilitated enrollers not only help residents apply for health insurance; they also provide referrals to other needed services,” said Kathleen M. Henry, R.N., M.A., Acting Commissioner of Health.

Currently, the health insurance programs provide coverage through six managed care plans (Fidelis, Affinity, Hudson Health Plan, United Health Care Community Plan, Wellcare and Empire).  These programs cover regular check-ups, vaccinations, prescriptions, doctor visits when sick, dental and vision care, hospital and emergency care, and much more!

“Our goal is to ease the burden for those dealing with the loss of income and loss of health insurance, so residents can get the health care services they need and deserve,” said Nancy Haggerty, Facilitated Enrollment Program Coordinator.


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