County workers to lose Family Healthcare benefits as a result of Rep Kaptur’s Obamacare

Perhaps if Rep Kaptur had read the bill before she voted on it, she may have foreseen the hardship that Obamacare has now placed on the families of Lucas County employees.

Effective March 1st,  Lucas County will no longer provide Spousal coverage as part of the county employee benefits.

Lucas County Commissioner Carol Contrada told the media….

“With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, those issues of affordability, insurability, and portability are essentially gone. We know that spouses will be eligible, without concerns of pre-existing conditions, to be able to get health insurance through their employers if they are employed somewhere else. They will be able to buy private insurance, and they will be able to go on the health-care exchange,” Mrs. Contrada said after the meeting. “There are no longer issues of losing insurance or losing their doctors. This was the time to do it. It was a reasonable choice for taxpayers.”

Commissioner Contrada was hopeful that the 680 employees who are effected by this decision,  will be able to purchase family/Spousal coverage thru the Exchange or with the spouses employer.

What Next?

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