Creating an Active and Healthy Lifestyle with The Active Family Project

Amy McCready discussed simple ways to play with our children even through all the hustle and bustle of parenting. I loved the way she shared that children themselves can come up with a quick list of activities that can be done in 15 minutes of allotted time. Something as easy as building a fort together can take about 15 minutes when you add some time hiding in the fort and talking with each other. Allowing children to choose the activities gives them “ownership” of the play idea and enables them to make choices as well. She went on to discuss the “child ego state” and explained that when you spend more time playing in this state of mind with a child you will see a difference in their behavior in response to you. Spending this quality time with your child, as Amy described, provides an emotional connection with them. Many moms expressed concern about competition among siblings and Amy stated we should, “think about games they can work together with and not compete.” It’s important to minimize competition at home, Amy shared.

Erin Gifford discussed the importance of traveling with our children. She delivered tons of ideas on house rentals or home exchanges to open up our travel options, plus ways to deal with pets and different travel options that we may have. The most important factor is just getting out of the house and getting the family moving. Fred Engh, the president and CEO of NAYS, discussed with us why he began The National Alliance for Youth Sport. He shared that he believes sports can create opportunities for building life skills and that sports are like an outdoor classroom for children. He believes that participation fosters perseverance, sportsmanship and socialization. He also believes that there is a need for more moms as coaches and that there should be a campaign for moms to coach their kids in sports! He thinks that bloggers can initiate this movement and unite for a cause. Check out letstalksports.nays.org for more info on that.

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